Modernize tabletops with Fusion Mineral Paint Stain and Finishing Oil

Modernize your tabletop finish with Fusions stain and Finishing Oil

I really love to refinish dining tables. It’s kind of my “thing”. I’m no sure exactly why but I prefer refinishing bigger projects and I have definitely had some big tables .
This beautiful drop leaf French provincial table had only four chairs but with its leaves and fully extended, it was 8ft 

Once I sanded the top off to bare wood ( all 8ft of it) I realized that this pretty wood was going to have a red tone. 

Blah...the red toned wood felt so outdated.
I find many vintage pieces that are stained with old reddish stains and unless I’m painting it, it’s difficult to change the “color”of the wood. This definitely needed to change!

My solution.... toning down the red with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Ebony Stain and Finishing Oil. I still wanted keep the wood top and I really didn’t want to paint it. I do this often on problematic pieces and it works great !

I mixed up the stain really well and wiped it on with a rag. I let it sit in the tabletop for about 10 minutes and buffed the excess off really well. This step is super important as the stain will get sticky if it isn’t completely removed.
I then waited until the next day to add a second coat of stain repeating the same process.

I find that Most times two coats does the trick ... 

Hope that helps
Happy painting!!

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