To paint or not to paint? The million dollar question

This is the question i get asked the most...probably about a few times a week. I can explain my perspective to everyone and then let you decide what is best for your situation. First, ask yourself why do you want or need to paint it.

My current furniture does not fit my decor

Most often times people will say that they just want something to fit their new decor. A newly refinished and decorated room doesn't often lend well to a piece that has seen years of wear and tear....  in these case I say


I want to save money

These days everyone is on a tight budget. Do you need to save money?  Painting a piece to fit your space is super inexpensive and easy. (Plus you earn bragging rights on a DIY project right?) 


I love my furniture ... it is solid

High-quality furniture that functions well and suits your life is tough to find. Many of these pieces have lasted the test of time. It is made well and deserves to be kept out of the landfill. 


I have a family heirloom...I'm scared

Often time we are honored to be the recipient of treasure piece of family furniture.  A piece once owned by a parent or grandparent is very sentimental. Often these items may not fit our decor but we know we just couldn't possibly part with them because they are sentimental. We know in our heat that we will have them forever. This can be very controversial among family members but I say YES PAINT! Our parents and grandparents took very good care of their furniture and respected it. They paid "good money" to buy it or have it made for them and THEY USED IT! If you are not showing off or using this piece and you are storing it in a garage, attic, or shed for the mice to make a cozy aren't honoring your family. 


Let me finish up by saying   I PAINT EVERYTHING! 

Happy painting my friends,


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